Are you looking for ways to increase your brand awareness and attract more customers to your storefront? As a business owner, large or small, look no further than an upgrade to your external store awnings or canopies. Awnings and canopies are incredibly effective in not only managing and reflecting heat gain but also in protecting your storefront from the sun and inclement weather. Additionally, if you are residential customer awnings and canopies may offer the ability to shield and protect your coveted outdoor entertainment spaces, in-home art investments, and prolong the life of your furniture.

Both awnings and canopies are often thought of as being one in the same. There is a difference however, awnings are more permanently fixed on the outside of a building and are often supported by columns whereas canopies are used more frequently to cover areas such as walkways, breezeways, patios, or decks.

In addition to awnings and canopies, products we offer include free-standing carports, removable patio covers, and sun control devices.

A carport can be helpful for a number of reasons, most notably the ability that it can provide for safety and longevity. By creating this added space chances of vandalism decrease and protection from the elements also increases making the addition a carport an easy win-win.

Adding a patio cover also comes with a wealth of benefits. The addition of a patio cover brings with it options and sophistication. Adding a patio cover to a built-in entertainment hub can also open up the options that you have to decorate for events. There is also an added level of elegance to the entertaining space with the addition of a patio cover.

A sun control device may be of particular interest for clients who are interested in implementing passive solar heating during colder months and during warmer months these devices can also assist in preventing unwanted solar heat gain.

Through the experience and knowledge of the Pioneer Window Works staff, we offer superb service and unfailing attention to detail in order to provide a product and service that exceeds any and all expectations.