Window Treatments

We all know that it is hard to beat a good first impression, and it is even tougher to repair one’s reputation if the first impression is not a good one. We often do not consider that it is equally important for our homes and businesses to make the same first impressions that we do as the owners or employees. One way that you can take steps to make a stellar first impression to friends, family, or clientele is to upgrade your window treatments. Window treatments are a rangy term, one that is encompassing of many things, some familiar and some a little more foreign.

If you are covering a large expansive window or a patio door vertical blinds may be something that would suit your needs perfectly. With their low cleaning maintenance as well as their classic style vertical blinds can open up a room with their clean lines and still allow easy access to the outdoors as well as to natural light.

Additionally, if there are young children in the home or frequently around your business we offer cordless blinds for safety as well as motorized blinds. Motorized blinds are also a great addition to windows that are inconveniently located out of reach.

Other options that are offered include fabric shades. Fabric shades offer a wealth of benefits as well, including protection from UV rays, lowering light glare in a room, keeping the natural light that makes a room or office glow, reducing energy costs in the warmer months and allowing for some residual heat in the colder months, as well as added privacy.

No matter the size, location, or level of use, there is a window treatment that we offer that will fight your very needs, many are customizable and come in a variety to colors, shapes, and sizes. As you design the perfect workspace or entertainment space, here at Pioneer Window Works the benefits are numerous and the options endless.