Counterfeit Check Scam

Marathon Building Environments has been the target of a counterfeit bank check scam. If you are receiving a check in the mail from Marathon Building Environments, Do Not Deposit the check. If you do, within 2-3 days, your bank will remove the funds from your account and if you have already spent the money, you will be required to pay your bank any of the spent funds. The scam may be one of several, but here are the most common: 1. You are selling personal property on-line and the scammers reach out to you to purchase the goods. They send you a counterfeit check, usually for more than you are asking, and will send their own shipping company to pick up the goods or will have you ship the goods to a PO Box. Always contact your bank and have them verify the check is not counterfeit and never accept checks from people you do not know. 2. You receive a letter in the mail with a counterfeit check stating that a “Major” Marketing firm or Company needs your help and will pay you for your time. They will ask you to deposit the counterfeit check and spend a portion of the money to purchase Gift Cards at major retailers. Email the Gift Card numbers and PIN #’s to the scammer and you can keep the rest of the money for yourself. Remember – If something sounds to good to be true, it’s probably a scam. People don’t send checks for more money than you are asking when selling personal property or pay you several thousand dollars to purchase a few hundred dollars of gift cards. What to do if you receive a counterfeit check from Marathon Building Environments: 1. Take all the information (check, postage envelope, letters, phone numbers, emails, texts, etc.) to your bank and tell them this is a counterfeit check scam. And/Or 2. Report the information to the Federal Trade Commission: And/Or 3. Shred the check and consider yourself wise for not becoming the victim of a fraud scheme. Other Resources:  

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