Office Carpet Installation Tips

Replacing the carpet in your office can be a big decision, but it can also have a big impact on the look, feel, and functionality of your workspace. If carpeting is the best option, there are several things to consider when replacing the carpet in your office,...

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Finding the Best Office Chair for Back Pain

Throughout the workday, there are plenty of things that can be distracting. Unfortunately, for many people, back pain is often at the top of the list. For those that do all or most of their work on a computer, that means hours and hours of sitting. Being in a seated...

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Place of Pride

Special Olympics Michigan partnered with Steelcase to create spaces designed for a first-of-its-kind inclusion center. “The point of this building is to highlight ability,” says Jen VanSkiver, chief officer of strategic growth for Special Olympics Michigan (SOMI),...

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The Benefits Of Steelcase Furniture

When investing in office furniture - whether for your home office or company office - it is crucial to make sure you get equipment that will help you work better and not hinder your performance. In most people’s eyes, a chair is a chair. When sitting in that chair for...

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