How Much Should a Good Office Chair Cost?

People are increasingly working from home in greater numbers than ever before. However, even if you're going to be remote for a short time, investing in a nice office chair is definitely worth the money. But, how much should a good office chair cost? We examined what...

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6 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Whether you work from home or go to an office, you may have noticed the strain that sitting for 8 or more hours a day can have on a body. If you're wondering if it's worthwhile to invest in a more ergonomic office chair, the answer is yes. An ergonomically designed...

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Cubicles vs Open Office Space

When it comes to office space design, designers are often confronted with one main option: Is it better to have an open or closed setup? Because of popular culture, the cubicle has become somewhat "old-school." Nonetheless, with many experts lately stating that open...

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