Top Work From Home Tips

More people are working from home than ever before, and the WFH trend will stick around for quite a while longer. Many people wonder what the top work from home tips are to help them get the most out of each workday. Should you switch up work areas? Will having the TV...

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Pioneer Window Works 75th Anniversary

For 75 continuous years, Pioneer Window Works has been offering various interior and exterior window treatments ranging from exterior awnings and canopies to interior blinds and shades. Pioneer Window Works recognizes from years of experience that a window treatment...

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Modern Style Homes and Offices

What Type Of Style Is Considered Modern There is a simplistic element to modern interior design that gives it lasting relevance. In a modern styled home or office, you will see clean lines and little frill or fluff. That doesn’t mean they are cold and uninviting. A...

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7 Interior Design Projects for Kids

This year many of us have spent more time indoors than we wanted, but that doesn't mean the only thing we can do is watch TV or look at social media. If you have kids and they are getting tired of the same indoor activities, consider these 7 interior design projects...

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