Interior Design Project Management

Interior design project management for any project, from start to finish, by your expert interior designers.

Interior Design Project Management

When you’re ready to transform your workspace, it can feel like an enormous undertaking. It starts with internal team meetings, then contractor and architect meetings, vendors to speak with, and before you know it, you’re completely overwhelmed. When you choose to work with the highly skilled Solutioneers at Marathon Building Environments, you have a project manager by your side, start to finish, from the initial sale all the way through the installation. We’ve seen it all before, so we know what potential roadblocks to be prepared for and how to get the best results for you.

Prepared to help with your Office Renovation or Office Redesign

Office renovation can be a lot more time consuming and demanding than you might think. If you’re planning on renovating your office building or looking for a professional commercial interior designer, you’ll find that having a project manager will prove an invaluable resource. We’re a full-service company, so most of our work involves us providing service throughout the whole interior design process from selecting the right furniture and flooring to planning, delivery, and installation.

If you need management services (whether you’ve purchased from us or you’re working with other vendors), we’re happy to provide, no questions asked. If you want your project completed on time and on budget, we can do that for you. Many management professionals can’t! Contact Marathon Building Environments today to learn more.

Schedule  Coordination

When beginning an office renovation, proper scheduling is critical in keeping the project on budget and on time. This requires a flow of communication between the Solutioneer project manager, vendors, and all other parties involved. Your Solutioneer will take on the responsibility of scheduling meetings, coordinating when items will be delivered and more. This planning begins well before construction ever starts and continues throughout the entire project. Each stage of the project will require extensive preparation, and your Solutioneer will keep you up to date on any schedule revisions as the next stage approaches.

Furniture & Flooring

When choosing furniture color and design, it is important to consider your flooring selection as well. These two elements of a room have more of an effect on each other than you might think! Our Solutioneers are highly skilled at helping you find furniture that compliments the flooring, or vice versa. A light-colored floor will bounce light around the room, creating brightness and adapting itself to almost any furniture choices, while a darker floor provides depth to a room and may require lighter colored furniture or a rug to keep darker furniture from blending into the shadows.

Project Planning

Our Solutioneers will sit down with you to discuss your desired outcome for the project and create a plan that works for everyone involved. As a project gets rolling and there are decisions to be made, the original scope of work can start to get lost in the mix. With one of our attentive project managers on your team, they will ensure that continuous changes don’t take the project off course. However, if you truly feel that changes need to be made, we encourage opening a discussion about your desires for the space and how that will affect the timeline, budget, and final outcome.

Project Updates

Your Solutioneer Project Manager will keep you updated regarding the project’s progress along the way. While they strive to keep an open line of communication throughout the project, more significant updates could require update meetings for a more in-depth discussion. We feel that regular project updates are an excellent way to keep everyone involved up-to-date so that no one is surprised if the project gets ahead of schedule or changes are made to the original plans.


Our Solutioneers will do everything in their power to ensure the items required for your project arrive at the site for installation on time. This is achieved through their expert ability to manage a project from start to finish, assuring timely delivery. They will maintain communication with any vendor who is supplying products for your space and update you regarding when and where items will be arriving. Once the items arrive, they will take an inventory to be sure that all items have been delivered.


Installing new furniture can feel daunting. If you’ve ever tried to put together a cheap piece of furniture you purchased online or install your own cabinets, then you probably understand that statement all too well. Once your furniture is delivered, your project manager will coordinate the installation of each and every piece by one of our on-staff pros. No need to search online for how-to videos, cross your fingers, and hope you get it right. Just relax and let us handle it.

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