Our Solutioneers

At Marathon Building Environments, a long time ago we realized that our employees were more well rounded than their positions or titles would entail. We coined the term Solutioneers in relation to our ability to engineer unique solutions to refresh an entire space through furniture, flooring, and window treatments. Our Solutioneers are experts at interior design planning, so don’t be afraid to bring them any questions you might have. Our job is to make your next interior design project a dream come true!

Meet Our Family Of Solutioneers

Frank Sovich


Patrick Marks

Vice President & General Manager

Mark Wappel

Furniture Sales

Jeremy Henry

Furniture Sales

Ben Rodwald

Furniture Sales

Jessica Chester

Design Lead

Karen Wolfe


Catherine “Cat” Todd


Head shot of Drew Morrow

Drew Morrow

Furniture/Design Project Manager

Sunday Nickerson

Flooring Project Manager

Taylor Turrise

Flooring Assistant Project Manager

Jim Fults

Flooring Site Supervisor

Jeff Kay

Flooring Site Supervisor

Adam Kilgore

Flooring Support

Head shot of Jennifer Buchanan

Jennifer Buchanan

Pioneer Window Works Manager

Lauraine Contreras

Pioneer Window Works Project Coordinator

Ryan Kanak

Pioneer Window Works Project Manager

Somer Larson

Pioneer Window Works Support

Michael Prince

Pioneer Window Works Operations

Jeff Woods

Operations Manager

Austin Hindery

Warehouse Manager

Kris Estes

Install Site Supervisor

Michael Briggs

Install Site Supervisor

Pirijo Silver


Juanita Conger

Admin Support

Greg Wolff

Marathon Founder 1987
Retired 2019

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