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Marathon Building Environments has a wide selection of seating options for any office, lobby, or classroom. Our chairs feature ergonomic designs that will feel like a custom fit and give your spine the support it needs.

Our seating options are fully-adjustable. We give you complete control over your seating posture, which can help to reduce back pain after a long day at your desk. View our inventory to find a comfortable seating solution that fits your needs.


Classic or modern, large or small, Marathon Building Environments has the perfect table for your design preference. Made from quality materials and built to last, our tables make a great addition to conference rooms, classrooms, and more.

Come view our current inventory for inspiration on your next table purchase. Our variety of sizes, heights, and styles can help revamp an old space, or craft a new space that is designed to inspire.


Upgrade the look and functionality of your workspace with a high-quality desk. A comfortable and well-designed desk can make a huge impact on your office, school, or studio. Marathon Building Environments has wide selection of executive desks, reception desks, walking desks, convertible desks, and more.

Come view our impressive inventory to find the perfect desk to suit your purposes. We carry both new and used desks, so we are ready to provide a cutting-edge addition to your office, or an efficient solution that is kind to your budget.

Office Cubicles and Workstations

Marathon Building Environments has workstation solutions to fit your office’s specific needs. Whether you are looking for full cubicles, partitions, or a custom layout, we can help you create organized work stations that dampen noise, increase productivity, and are aesthetically pleasing.

View our extensive inventory to find the ideal workstations for your environment. Having trouble choosing? Let our Solutioneers help find the perfect workstation for you. They can even complete the installation for you!


Without proper storage, your work environment can feel disorganized, cluttered, and a little chaotic. Marathon Building Environments can help find the right shelving and cabinet storage solutions for your office, classroom, and more.

Browse our extensive inventory to find the innovative, or classic, storage approach that your workspace demands. We can help you customize your storage to fit your needs; add a charging station, easily-accessible drawers, or the perfect shelf configuration to make efficient use of your space. 

Pre-Owned Office Furniture

At Marathon Building Environments, we have a large selection of pre-owned office furniture to choose from. Our pre-owned stock is high-quality, gently-used, and a great value. Purchasing pre-owned furniture is both financially wise, and environmentally friendly.

View our inventory and let us help you find the perfect, affordable table, chair, or desk that is ready for a new home in your office.


Browse through our catalog of furniture products and find inspiration for creating a beautiful, functional, and productive work environment. We carry a vast array of products, including high-quality Steelcase furniture. With tons of great options, we think you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

We know there are a lot of options to choose from. That is why we have a team of experienced Solutioneers who are ready to help you find the furniture to create a space that perfectly suits your needs.

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