Office Furniture Delivery & Installation in Columbia MO

Flooring installation, Furniture Delivery, and more from expert office interior designers.

Furniture Delivery

Marathon Building Environments offers office furniture delivery services, flooring installation, window treatments, awnings and more. We’ll help you install any and all of our products upon purchase, and together, we can design the ideal indoor environment for your office or building. Our Solutioneers ensure each item needed for your project is what you expected and when you expect it. They will manage a project from start to finish, maintaining communication with any vendor who is supplying products for your space and updating you along the way.

Furniture & Flooring Installation

Okay, so you’ve just bought some of our great products, but have no idea how to install them. Not to worry! Our furniture delivery and installation pros make the process a breeze so you can enjoy your new purchase stress-free. Installing new furniture can feel daunting. Once your products are delivered, your project manager will coordinate installation with one of our on-staff pros. No need to fumble through confusing directions or wonder whether you have the right tools. Just relax and let the pros do their thing!

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Product Catalogs

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