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Interior Design

Our Solutioneers hold degrees like interior design and architectural studies, and they’re some of the best in the business. Their talent helped to make us the premier interior design company in Columbia, MO. At Marathon, our Solutioneers believe in merging functionality with aesthetics, meaning we won’t just sell you something expensive and pretty; we suggest the most practical and efficient office furniture while adhering to your desired aesthetic. Our home interior design process offers new home decor and style ideas, keeping comfort and function at the forefront. It’s our clients’ needs that drive the design process, and our clever design solutions will cater to your taste while maximizing both the beauty and the efficiency of your space. Our clients have full control of the interior design process every step of the way, from furniture selection to renovation. We provide visual representations and 3-D renderings of our design plans so nothing gets done without the approval of our customers.

Regardless of your interior needs, we always recommend working with our design department; it creates a more streamlined process. We manage the work among other departments, saving our clients time so that they don’t have to. This also allows us to aesthetically coordinate the design. At Marathon, we love talking commercial interior design so whether you have questions about our services, or just want to talk about your favorite interiors, we’re only a phone call away.

Site Analysis

Whether you already have a vision for your space or you need a trained eye to help you combine the best colors, texture, and finishes, the expert Solutioneers at Marathon will guide you in analyzing your space and creating a design plan to give you the best outcome possible. During the site analysis process, our trained professionals will take measurements, photos, and determine the ways they can make your space fit your wants and needs. They will discuss the aesthetic and feel you’re hoping to achieve while keeping your budget and timeline in mind.

Color / Finish Consultation & Selection

The color and finish of your furniture is a huge aspect of the design of a space. We feel that thoughtful selection of each piece of furniture is important to the overall feel of the room. When you partner with Marathon for your interior design needs, you gain access to some of the top brands the market has to offer. With companies like Steelcase, Jasper Group Brand, Think Global, Gunlocke, and SitOnIt Seating, we think you will find the perfect match.

Finish / Furniture Plan and Location

At Marathon, we don’t simply want your space to look good, we want it to be functional as well. It has been proven that the more functional a space is, the happier and more productive the people are that work within it. Through years of experience, our Solutioneers understand what creates a good flow based on a room’s floor plan. They use the measurements and photos taken to create a rendering that allows them to sit with a client and play with furniture location until the perfect set-up is achieved.

Office Floorplans & Space Considerations

Planning the setup for the entire space requires consideration of many factors including the total dimensions of the room, measurements of existing pieces of furniture, new furniture that will be placed in the room, and how many people will be using the room. From furniture placement to the art on the walls, our Marathon Solutioneers will work with you until you feel the plan for your space is perfectly suited for your specific needs.

Rendered Perspective

We understand how difficult it can be to wait until the project is complete to see what the end result looks like! We also know that it can be challenging to picture the way something will look solely in your imagination. That is why with each of our design projects, you will receive a rendering of what the space will look like once it is finished. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate all aspects of the design and truly see a full-picture view.

Board Presentation

When there is more than one person involved with the decision of how your space will look, our Solutioneers at Marathon can create a presentation board that so everyone can see each aspect of the project. The board presentation will showcase the floor plan and color schemes, and can also include color/fabric swatches, paint samples, hardware samples, and more. Each board presentation is unique to your specific interior design project.

Communication with All Parties Involved

We know there may be several people involved in your interior design project, so it is crucial to keep an open line of communication between all parties involved. We pride ourselves on providing clear and detailed updates throughout the entirety of the project so that no one feels left in the dark. From the initial site analysis to the completion of your project, you will have one of our Solutioneers there with you every step of the way to answer questions and help you feel comfortable while we work together to craft your space the way you imagine it.

Existing Furniture Inventory

Sometimes part of redesigning a space means saying goodbye to the previous pieces of furniture that no longer fit the new design. If you have furniture that is not going to be incorporated into the new design, Marathon Building Environments can take it off your hands! We purchase high-quality, pre-owned furniture that we make available to other businesses, schools, hospitals, or whoever feels it would fit their space.

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