Modern Office Design for Forum Christian Church


New Administrative offices

Marathon’s Furniture, Design, and Operations divisions were thrilled to partner with Forum Christian Church to design and furnish their new administrative addition. Our team collaborated with WNB Architects and Curtiss-Manes-Schulte, Inc. to update an existing workroom and create a mixture of private offices, touch-down stations, a central collaborative space, and a new reception area. Working closely with Executive Minister Bradley Williams allowed us to implement the church’s blue and grey color scheme while achieving the desired modern aesthetic.

An active member of the Columbia community since 1954, Forum is a growing organization that ministers worship services to an average of 1,300 people per week. The new addition provides a workspace for seventeen total staff members, interns, and volunteers, a significant increase from the nine spaces available in the previous location. One of the most exciting inclusions was the communal atrium, now nicknamed “The Hub,” that features lounge furniture, mobile tables, and moveable markerboard partitions to encourage a variety of functions. Since installation, Williams reports the space has been used for formal meetings, “comfortable lounge seating,” a collaborative work area, staff lunch area, and even a space for an impromptu nerf basketball game.

The opportunity to work in such close collaboration with such a terrific client led to a brief impromptu answer session with Project Manager, Sean Zullo, Interior Designer, Rachel Molnar, and Forum Christian Church Executive Minister Bradley Williams.

SZ: Is the space what you envisioned it to be?
BW: Absolutely, it was easy to envision the space with the help of accurate and up-to-date renderings.

RM: What is your favorite area of the new space?
BW: My office for sure and a close second is our new communal area
RM: How does this compare to your prior offices?
BW: It doesn’t really compare. It is light years ahead in terms of design and overall feel
SZ: How will your new space benefit your staff & members of the church?
BW: We hope it creates an atmosphere of professionalism and creative collaboration
RM: How do you envision the hub being used?
BW: As the primary meeting space and collaborative work area. It has already been used for so many things
  • Formal meeting space
  • Comfortable lounge area
  • Staff lunch area
  • Today we had a Nerf basketball game
SZ: Who will be occupying the workspaces and offices?
BW: Staff, Volunteer Staff, Interns
SZ: How many members are in the church?
BW: Average weekly attendance 1300
RM: How long has the church been active in the community?
BW: Since 1954
SZ: # of staff members in the old space vs. new space?
BW:  Old space 9  vs. new space 17
RM: Name of General Contractor and Architecture firm?
BW: Contractor: Curtiss Manes Schulte and WNB Architects
Thank you Forum Christian Church staff members for allowing us to work with you on this project!
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