At Marathon, we take great pride in working with clients on projects of all shapes and sizes. When the University of Missouri askes our “Solutioneers” to deviate from the customary black and gold, one can’t ever be too sure what the response will be.

We were challenged by the customer to provide a fun, collaborative space for students to use. The goal was to take a large space and make it usable and comfortable for smaller groups of student and professionals to use for collaborative purposes. Though housed within the engineering building of Lafferre Hall, the goal is to have the space appeal and be used by other disciplines in conjunction with the Engineering Students.

This space was designed to be used by multiple small groups all at the same time. The Loft Wall partitions are functional and provide writable surfaces for static communication but also provide privacy for smaller meeting rooms while still allowing the overall larger room to be reconfigured rather easily as needed.

LoftWall—moveable partitions with acoustical and whiteboard tiles

Coalesse—Lounge and Café height tables in the lounge spaces. Bob and Potrero tables, Bob, Bindu and SW1 chairs

Steelcase—Lounge and collaboration room seating. B-Free and Cobi

Global—Collaboration & Meeting Rooms—Princeton, Open Office—Princeton, Private Office–Zira

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We are thrilled to welcome Accent Flooring to the Marathon Building Environments family.


We see Accent as a complement to our already successful business and plan on using common synergies within each separate company to grow and expand in their respective markets. Accent Flooring has established itself as a leader in the Builder and Residential floor covering business in Mid-Missouri over the last 20+ years. The experience and expertise they bring is something we are honored to offer to our valued clients and customers. 


You can rely on Accent Flooring's trained staff to guide you through the process of finding the ideal flooring for your home or workplace. Finishing touches for every space can be found in Accent Flooring's large variety of high-quality goods from known brands like Crossville Porcelain Tile, Florida Tile, and more.

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