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In the December 2017 Issue of Columbia Business Times, Dealer Principal  Frank Sovich and other local industry professionals discuss current office trends, the future of the American workplace, and the impact of design.

(The context below is an excerpt from the December 2017 CBT article “ Trends with Benefits: What’s Cool in Office Design.“)

Frank Sovich, owner and dealer principal at Marathon Building Environments, refers to part of this trend as “hoteling” or creating “touchdown spaces.” These offices cater to employees who don’t work from a “home base,” so to speak — they may have the option of utilizing a common space for meetings or laptop work, and they may include a locker for their employees’ belongings.

Marathon utilized touchdown design in part of their work with the Missouri Innovation Center, a 3,000-square-foot building for startups. The MIC features a combination of private offices and open, collaborative workspaces.

“In these open, collaborative spaces, there’s more of a casual and residential feeling,” Sovich says. He notes that such a space may include more couches and soft seating than a private workspace typically would.

The open space at the MIC features a picnic table and whiteboards. Other options include everything from booths and couches to traditional desks and chairs, plus lockable cabinets on wheels that double as seating for clients.


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