With the summer months approaching, it is time to start thinking about shade control for business and home. Strong UV rays that enter the room can increase the temperature and cause damage to your furniture and other belongings, making them fade and degrade faster. Plus, these shade control solutions allow you to add a pop of color, create texture in a room, and add a bit of personality.

Outdoor Awnings

Awnings are an excellent way to protect your home or business from the strong rays of the sun. Whether it is hot or cold outside, they provide shade and combat the damaging effects of UV rays and can help reduce energy costs. Many of us enjoy a bit of natural light, but too much can be distracting, unpleasant, and cause the temperature inside to increase to an uncomfortable level. Even on rainy days, awnings can provide shelter from the rain, keeping you dry if you want to step outside for fresh air or if visitors are waiting to enter. Aside from the protection they provide, they are also a great way to enhance the visual value of your home or business. 

Benefits of Installing an Awning

Outdoor awnings offer a variety of benefits and can truly be multi-purpose. For businesses, they provide a unique advertising opportunity. Awnings allow you to put your logo or the name of your business on them to help you stand out from the others. It also brings a sense of sophistication to the building. If your business serves food and drink, it creates a perfect space to extend seating and allow customers the option of an indoor or outdoor experience. It also creates a perfect area for guests to wait for their table to be ready or to pick up a carry-out order. 

Awnings installed at home also have benefits. They are a great way to enhance your home and create a more comfortable outdoor leisure environment if your home does not have a covered porch. An awning allows friends and family to gather outside comfortably out of the heat of the sun. Best of all, awnings are easy to care for and maintain. 

Indoor Shades

Indoor shades are an excellent choice for windows of almost any size within a home or business. Window shades are different than window blinds because they cover the entire window for consistent coverage and light control. Window shades are available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and opacities, so you can really let your style shine when choosing which shades you will install. 

Perks of Installing Shades

Window treatments are crucial for temperature control within your home or business, and shades are great at keeping the sun from radiating into a room and heating it up. They are also helpful in the wintertime to keep cold air from leeching into the room. This can help keep energy costs down throughout the seasons. Shades are also an excellent option to have privacy control within your home or business. Honeycomb style shades are the most energy-efficient shades on the market and are still the number one seller of Hunter Douglas window treatments. With Hunter Douglas’ different cell sizes, textured fabrics and modern colors these Honeycomb’s are not the old Honeycomb shades you may remember.

Indoor Blinds

Blinds are great for covering sizeable windows or doors so that you have the option to let as much or as little light in as you want. This classic style has clean lines and can really open up a room and give you access to the view outside your window whenever you want. You also have the flexibility to choose the style of blinds that will best complement the space. Choose from wide or narrow slats and materials like metal, wood, and vinyl and the color and finish that suits you. 

The Bonuses of Blinds

Blinds are the best option for customization. Aluminum blinds can be cut to fit virtually any window shape, including round. Plus, the blinds can be made-to-order color-matched to company or school colors. Fauxwood and wood blinds can be stained and texture added to offer a rich warm feel. Additionally, fabric tape can be added in lieu of cord ladders to offer a tailored customized look to any home or office.

Shade Control Solutions with Marathon Building Environments

If you’re ready to explore indoor and outdoor shade control options that work best for you, contact Marathon Building Environments today! Marathon Building Environments Pioneer Windows Works division is an authorized Hunter Douglas dealer.

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