In the new COVID-19 world, office cubicles are having a resurgence to help us feel safe and stay protected in the workplace. Although the classic design of office cubicles has ended up with a bad reputation thanks to movies like “Office Space,” cubicle workstations can actually have many workplace benefits. Plus, with the rise of contemporary cubicle design, those gray boxes have become a thing of the past. If you’re looking to redesign your workplace for optimal safety and efficiency, cubicle workstations may be the right solution for you. 

1. Keep the Airflow Fresh

With the recent concerns about COVID-19 and transmission in the workplace, cubicle workstations could be an excellent solution. We have learned that bigger spaces with more airflow are healthier and less likely to contain particles than say a small office with only a door to let airflow in and out. Cubicle workstations are more open while still providing a barrier between people so that air can flow, but no one is face-to-face. 

2. See Higher Productivity

Without a door to close or shades to draw in a personal office, there is less room for slacking off during the workday. Cubicle workstations create more visibility and a sense that your co-workers know what you’re up to at any given time. The fear of being caught in a non-work related task could keep more employees on track. Are people finishing tasks to meet deadlines or checking their social media? Small office cubicles might get your more of the former and less of the latter. 

3. Level the Playing Field

If specific office spaces are better than others, it can create an unhealthy sense of competition and resentment. We have all probably witnessed (at least on TV) the competition that arises when the corner office or the one with the view is up for grabs. It can cause HR issues and create a divide among the team. When everyone has the same type of workstation, there is no reason to argue over who deserves which office. 

4. Make Room for Personal Expression

Within the walls of a cubicle workstation, employees are free to take advantage of the wall space and show a little personality. They can hang pictures of friends and family, art that inspires them, or whatever they want (within reason, of course). Items within an employee’s cubicle can be a conversation starter with colleagues and may help them get to know one another on a more personal level. 

5. Grow Closer to Your Colleagues

When a workplace has separate offices for employees with closed doors, it can often create a sense of separation between colleagues. With small office cubicles, employees are working physically closer to each other, which increases the chance that they will collaborate and feel more like equals rather than in a competition. Additionally, colleagues will likely get to know each other better and understand what’s going on what that person and within their role. 

6. Save Some Money

While some businesses prefer to keep personal offices for the sake of privacy, for some, the cost is just not worth it. Using cubicle workstations in your workplace is considerably cheaper than building out separate offices for some, or all, of the employees. You can make the most out of even a small workspace with thoughtfully places cubicle workstations. 

Ready to Claim Your Office Cubicles?

The workstations available through Marathon Building Environments boast a modern, contemporary design that is far from the drab, depressing cubicles of the past. Our workstations have a variety of design options that can include cabinets and drawers to keep things organized and plenty of desk space to get down to business. To see what we have to offer, contact us today

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