Is working from home the future of business? Many of us are asking ourselves this very question. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of people were already working from home 100% of the time or at least part of the time. When many businesses chose to send employees home with their computers and other work necessities, that number skyrocketed. Many companies are now wondering whether or not they should stick to the WFH model, and many, such as Facebook and Google, have already told employees they can continue to work from home. So, what does the future of work from home look like, and what work from home solutions can make it more productive and comfortable?

Work From Home Tips

When working from home, it is so much easier to get distracted and have unproductive days. When you’re in your home, there might feel like there are 100 other things you could or should be doing instead of working. It is essential to resist the temptation! Working from home can also have the opposite effect, so don’t confine yourself to your desk for a full 8 hours without taking any breaks. Develop a routine that starts when you wake up. Get yourself ready for the day as if you were leaving the house to go to the office, eat some breakfast, and then get to work. 

Don’t forget to plan your breaks during the day, including lunch. Sometimes it is easy to get deep into a project, and the next thing you know, you’ve accidentally skipped a meal or haven’t stood up for hours. When the workday is over, shut down your workstation and mentally “clock out” and leave the rest of your work for tomorrow. Another important part of working from home is having the proper equipment to stay productive and comfortable. 

Work from Home Desks

When you’re getting work done, especially at home, you want a desk that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you prefer a classic or more modern design is all up to you and the look you’re going for within your home office. Many people are making the switch to standing desks due to their many benefits. Standing desks have been shown to boost productivity, energy, and mood while reducing weight gain and the risk of heart disease. 

Work from Home Chairs

Finding the right chair to compliment your space while also providing proper support is crucial. Too many people find themselves using whatever spare chair they have at home to sit at their work desk and find that it causes discomfort or pain. The last thing you need pulling your focus away from work is back or neck pain from sitting in a bad chair! Getting a chair with an ergonomic design with adjustment capabilities will keep your spine healthy and allow you to get more work done. 

Work from Home Storage Solutions

Something that often gets overlooked in a work from home space is the storage! Keeping your work areas clean, organized, and contained will help your productivity more than you think! Plus, when you’re cleaning house on the weekend, you won’t need to tidy up your workspace in the process. Having shelving allows you to organize books and other work materials for easy access. You can also display a few photos or plants to give it a personal touch. Cabinets are also an excellent work from home storage option. It makes it easy to keep clutter at bay and keep your office looking clean and peaceful. 

Give Your Work from Home Space an Upgrade

Marathon Building Environments has ample work from home solutions for any situation. We want to make sure you can be your most productive self while working from home. Contact us today to discuss our work from home solutions or visit our website to learn more about our products!

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