What Type Of Style Is Considered Modern

There is a simplistic element to modern interior design that gives it lasting relevance. In a modern styled home or office, you will see clean lines and little frill or fluff. That doesn’t mean they are cold and uninviting. A skilled modern interior designer can create a modern space that still feels comfortable and inviting. Some typical characteristics of a modern office or home may include:

  • Low, horizontal furnishings with clean lines
  • Emphasis on vertical and horizontal lines with fewer curves
  • Lack of fluff or fussiness
  • Natural materials used 
  • Neutral or natural color palettes 
  • Reflective surfaces like glass, steel, or chrome

Modern vs. Contemporary

The word “modern” is often interchanged with the word “contemporary” when describing interior design, but the two are not one and the same. Modern style uses straight lines with more natural materials and neutral, earthy colors while avoiding unnecessary detailing. It also reflects a certain era (roughly the 1903s through the 1970s) and remains consistent as time goes on. On the other hand, contemporary styles use a range of colors and more distinctive forms that include curved furnishings. Contemporary means to live in the moment, so this style is more fluid and ever-changing so that it is “contemporary” and relevant to the current times. 

Modern Furniture

A modern interior designer is likely to choose furniture than uses straight lines and restrained use of decoration. Modern furniture is expected to use a fabric of a single color, rather than a bold pattern. In modern styled homes, you would likely see a neutral colored couch such as a gray or white that sits low to the ground. In a modern office, you might see chairs that lack arms and have a clean, simple design.

Modern Chairs

Just because a chair is modern does not mean it has to be uncomfortable or lack ergonomic functionality. In an office setting, it is important to choose a chair that not only fits the style you are going for, but one that is also comfortable and functional. The same is true for a modern chair that you choose to go in your home. 

Modern Tables

When selecting a modern table you will want to consider its functionality as well as its style. Finding an office table that looks modern but also has a built in power supply and support IT needs during meetings is a win-win. Need more versatility? Consider a flip-top table that allows you to store office supplies to keep the space looking clean, modern, and free from clutter. When selecting a modern table for your home, there are many options to consider. Modern style tables may be made of wood, stainless steel, or have glass tops. 

Modern Desks

A modern style desk is an ideal choice for the workplace. Since the modern style is all about keeping lines clean and simple, you can assume a modern style desk will be an organized desk. By having plenty of drawers and places to manage files and supplies, your employees will be encouraged to maintain an organized workspace and let the beauty of the modern style shine through without the distraction of office clutter. 

Buy New and Pre-owned Modern Furniture

Marathon Building Environments has a wide selection of modern furniture suitable for your home or office. If you need the assistance of a modern interior designer to get your home or office looking just the way you imagine, one of our Solutioneers is ready to help. Visit our website to browse our inventory or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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