For 75 continuous years, Pioneer Window Works has been offering various interior and exterior window treatments ranging from exterior awnings and canopies to interior blinds and shades. Pioneer Window Works recognizes from years of experience that a window treatment is more than just a simple addition and those who purchase from Pioneer Window Works know it is a company they can trust to meet their needs and beyond. A window treatment is more than just a window covering, it is an accent, it can be a statement in itself, and when done correctly, it can be an irreplaceable home or business extension. A window treatment, when designed, installed, and executed properly, can easily be the difference maker, turning a building into a business, or a house into a home.

A Brief History of Pioneer Window Works

Pioneer Window Works was founded in Columbia, MO in 1945 by the Bly family who likely had little idea of the impact the company would have on the Columbia community and beyond. After some time, the company transitioned to the Reemer family, then the Klode family, the Dothage family, the Schuster family, and was then sold to Marathon Building Environments in December 2009. Throughout each transition, Pioneer Window Works has remained a company that strives to meet every need of the client using high-quality products and materials. Their overall impact has gone from central Missouri to the central United States, growing from a 2-man operation to 10-12 employees on the team. Pioneer Window Works remains one of the oldest companies in Columbia. 

The Future of Interior and Exterior Sunlight Control

Although Pioneer Window Works is one of Columbia’s oldest businesses, that doesn’t mean they are living in the past. They are proud to have the ability to bring sunlight control for homes and businesses into the future. They offer a wide range of options, from inexpensive blinds to motorized shades with their own IP address that can be controlled from your phone. The company also recently became Missouri’s first Sol-Lux dealer and can now offer retractable solar awnings that not only provide shade for your business but also harness the power of the sun. 

The Pioneer Window Works Impact

Pioneer Window Works is a proud contributor to many different businesses in the State of Missouri and beyond. Some of their more notable projects include shade control for:

Pioneer Window Works is also happy to continue working with some of the most well-know contractors in the area including:

Thank You For Supporting Pioneer Window Works

Pioneer Window Works has had tremendous support from the local Columbia community. You can see examples of their work at some of your favorite Columbia establishments such as Shakespeare’s Pizza, Sycamore, The Candy Factory, Addison’s, and many more.