Ceramic tile is one of the best flooring options on the market. They are one of the most durable materials that you can install and come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and water resistance. With so many types of ceramic flooring, it can sometimes be challenging to choose the right one for your office. Here are the different types of ceramic flooring and why they could be suitable for your workplace.

Types Of Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic porcelain floor tiles are usually made from refined clays; Each manufacturer has its own ingredients that can cause the tile to become harder and more durable to keep your floors looking unscratched and new. With smaller tiles, four inches and under, are installed using a netting base that will allow you to place groups of tiles instead of one tile at a time. After being fired in the kiln, ceramic porcelain tiles are either left in their natural state or made to appear as stone, wood, or concrete. You can choose from either glazed and unglazed ceramic porcelain tiles. Unglazed or natural tiles have color running through the entire tile as opposed to a glaze that is just placed on the top. An unglazed tile will provide you with a more durable, long-lasting floor.

Mosaic Tiles 

Mosaic tiles are two inches or less in size; they come in options of glazed or unglazed. With unglazed tiles, the colors and texture is consistent throughout the tile, making them a durable ceramic tile option. Mosaic tiles are commonly porcelain, a hard tile with one of the lowest water absorptions. You can find ceramic tile in many homes and offices, mainly in high traffic areas that may get wet such as entryways and restrooms.

Mosaic tiles are great for adding some extra character to any space that maybe needs some updating.

Ceramic Pavers

For ceramic pavers that you want indoors, you want to look for those that are made from brick, cement, or natural stone. Most pavers are made of one of these materials, so you can easily find them in these options. Commonly, interior pavers are much thinner than those designed for outdoor use. Outdoor pavers are not recommended because of their thickness and height. 

Indoor pavers are an excellent choice for ceramic flooring because they can be used in any room type. If used in areas that may get wet, it is important to choose a water and slip-resistant tile.

Ceramic pavers are also a great option if you are trying to connect an indoor space with an outdoor space. With such a vast variety of choices, it is not a difficult task to find matching indoor and outdoor pavers. By connecting the two areas, you can provide a cohesive space that is more functional for large groups and for any activities. 

Ceramic Flooring At Marathon Building Environments

No matter the space you’re looking to give an update to, Marathon Building Environments can help you plan and install your new ceramic flooring! Make your new floor durable and water and slip-resistant with one of our many colors, shapes, sizes, and level of stain resistant ceramic flooring options. Make your space unique with our selection of ceramic flooring brands that you trust. Visit our website today to give your flooring an update that will last for years to come!

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