When it comes to office space design, designers are often confronted with one main option: Is it better to have an open or closed setup? Because of popular culture, the cubicle has become somewhat “old-school.” Nonetheless, with many experts lately stating that open space workplaces may be harmful to productivity and employee happiness, the cubicle is becoming a more realistic option, especially now that modern cubicle design is not so drab, boxy, and mundane in appearance. Before making a choice, consider the following advantages and disadvantages of cubicles vs. open office space.

Advantages of Cubicles


The cubicle walls provide employees with a greater feeling of privacy while not entirely isolating them from the rest of the office. Even while working on delicate topics or conducting client contacts, it is critical to maintaining discretion. There are fewer distractions with greater privacy, which may help workers focus and be more productive over the course of their workday.

Cost-effective and Efficient

Businesses have realized that the cubicle was the most cost-effective and efficient solution for providing their employees with the privacy and comfort they require in order to be able to work efficiently without incurring the expense of constructing permanent private offices for each employee.

Allows for More Individualization

The increased feeling of privacy in the workplace fosters a sense of ownership, which may inspire employees to customize their workspaces further. They may choose to display family pictures and posters on the walls. Employees may feel more comfortable and at ease at their workstations, which may contribute to a more positive general attitude among the workforce.

Disadvantages of Cubicles

Collaboration is Limited

Although providing workers with their own private work area has its advantages, an open space office design may be more appropriate for the situation when frequent collaboration is required. Employees have a more difficult time communicating with one another because of the walls and seclusion provided by cubicles. It may also have a negative impact on morale, which is particularly true for creatives who draw inspiration from one another.

Confined Space

Some employees may feel claustrophobic in a cubicle office arrangement, especially since many cubicle designs allow little room for anything other than a desk and chair to be used. This may make employees feel uneasy and anxious, causing them to roam about and create disruptions in the office, among other things. However, it is possible with proper office space planning to relieve this problem by selecting furniture that is both space-saving and ergonomically built may improve comfort while simultaneously making the room seem bigger.

Advantages Of Open Office Space

Communication and Collaboration

Open-plan workplaces eliminate boundaries, both physical and metaphorical. Having everyone work in an open area may be very beneficial in transforming your workplace into a productive center of communication and cooperation.

Due to the lack of barriers and doors, the open-plan office architecture makes communication very simple for your team. This motivates you to converse rather than communicate on yet another email.

Company Culture

When comparing cubicles vs. open office space, a benefit of an open office layout is that it may do wonders for your company’s culture.

Isolation makes it more difficult for team members to connect and communicate, and it also makes it less probable for individuals from other departments to interact. On the other hand, one advantage of the open office plan is that it promotes communication and aids in the development of a pleasant corporate culture that enables workers to feel happy and satisfied at work.

Disadvantages of Open Office Space


The primary disadvantage of open-plan workplaces is their potential for excessive noise. Collaborating in open spaces also makes it easier to be distracted by a colleague who asks a question, another who is on the phone discussing a sales transaction, or a couple more chatting in the corner about weekend plans.

Lack Of Privacy

With team members working beside one another all day, open-plan workplaces provide little to no privacy. While this may help workers stay focused on their jobs, there are certain drawbacks to the lack of privacy. While open workplaces may be uncomfortable for introverts, extroverted individuals dislike constant surveillance as well.

Offices Solutions At Marathon Building Environments! 

Now that you know the comparison between cubicles vs. open office space, you can consider your company’s requirements and determine if an open office is right for you.
If your workspace is big and open, workstation cubicles may be the best option. These are not your typical cubicles. Cubicles from the past have a reputation for being boring and uninteresting. Marathon Building Environments’ workstation choices are anything but boring! Our workstation choices provide individuals with privacy, fewer interruptions, and a quiet place to be creative without feeling isolated. Our workstation designs may include drawers and cabinets for storage and enough desk space for spreading out and being productive. Contact us today for all your office interior needs or visit our showroom!

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