The advantages of collaborative work cannot be understated in today’s modern workplace. As the world of work changes and pivots to changing standards, a project manager’s most powerful tool is encouraging collaboration. This article will go over some of the most significant advantages that collaborative working  provides and why collaboration should be a focus in office design.

What Is A Collaborative Workspace?

Collaboration may take place between divisions, departments, or businesses. Collaborations are often temporary, as partners shift as a result of changing events. Many partnerships occur when one individual or group has a skill set or service that the other does not. Teams are groups of people who frequently have the same or comparable talents. Collaborative teams are units that bring together people with diverse skillsets for a common goal, and you construct teams for certain collaborations based on their specific set of talents. Many teams collaborate often but might diverge to other projects and partnerships as needed. Integrating collaboration into your companies helps team members to push one other to perform better, share ideas, and even assist each other grow as professionals.

Reasons Why Collaboration Should Be A Focus Of Office Design


The inspiring aspect for teams is one of the many advantages of collaboration. Isolation has a negative impact on productivity and motivation. Getting employees out of their separate offices helps to reestablish a team atmosphere and promotes good attitudes. Employees who work in groups are more likely to remain interested and aware than those who struggle to stay awake in the early afternoon and count the minutes until the conclusion of the workday.

Employees who are surrounded by productive coworkers are often a good source of inspiration. For many employees, the desire to contribute, pull their weight, and identify themselves as a useful team member is a driving factor for growth.

Employee Socialization

One reason why collaboration should be a focus in office design is that collaborative work settings promote socialization. When workers share the same immediate workplace, it is much simpler for them to get to know one another and form personal ties. Companies should promote this style of casual contact as well. The intimate connections formed as a result of everyday collaboration contribute to a better quality of work, both individually and as a member of the team.

Pooled Talent

Collaborative offices are often designed to be intentionally diversified. The cross-exposure of skills, knowledge, and job assignments emphasizes how individuals’ work affects the whole company. The more employees are aware of their coworkers’ obligations and contributions, the better their own work will be. This gradually simplifies tasks and promotes personal, professional growth.

Problem resolution is also aided by pooled talent. As the name indicates, a collaborative workplace provides a chance to approach challenges from several perspectives and levels. The more individuals that work together to solve an issue, the faster the best suitable answer will emerge.

Space Utilization

Collaborative offices bring individuals together in a common area. As a result, they reduce the amount of physical space required to accommodate individual employees. As a result, it decreases costs, increases available workspace, and promotes greater floor space use.

Calculate and benchmark your space usage rate before modifying your floor layout. Then consider the sheer cost savings of downsizing your area, as well as the new usage rate following the change.

How To Create A Collaborative Office Design


Most people would agree that striking a consistent balance between workspaces and storage is the most important thing to keep in mind when designing a well-functioning office environment. While most conventional workplaces maintain these two components of the company separate, most collaborative furniture has built-in storage to handle both. Take a look at our storage solutions to spark some ideas!


Maintaining a consistent color scheme across the workplace is always beneficial for aesthetics – not only will the proper hue assist in enhancing productivity and morale, but it will also guarantee that the office appears appealing enough to wow customers who come for a meeting.


Say goodbye to cubicles and uncomfortable desk chairs, and in with modern benches, yoga balls, collaborative tables, and standing workstations. Because of the comfort it provides, ergonomic furniture aids in those long work hours and may contribute to higher employee productivity. It’s also simpler to collaborate when you’re in a relaxed environment. 

Workspace furniture created with collaboration in mind may assist in increasing the capacity for open communication and the ability to bounce ideas off colleagues. Planning a productive office space might be as simple as swapping out traditional office furniture for collaborative office furniture, and the adjustment could have a good impact on your company’s group dynamics.

When it comes to collaborative office furniture, another thing to remember is investing in the appropriate sizes. The sizes you choose should be determined by the actual size of the office space. Keep in mind to prevent clutter and provide adequate space for simple mobility. Employees will need to feel free to move about more, actively engaging and working with one another.

Collaborative Office Design By Marathon Building Environments

Our Solutioneers are skilled and experienced office interior designers who can help you in designing the layout and design of your collaborative office to ensure that it is both practical and visually appealing. We can provide you with tables, seating, standing or sitting desks, and storage choices, among other things. Allow Marathon Building Environments to assist you in creating an exciting place for all varieties of working professionals! Contact us today!

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