For many businesses, summertime is when things start to heat up. Keep your customers cool and comfortable with these outdoor shading solutions for summer. 

Patio Covers

Summer means patio season! If your business has a patio, adding a patio covering will ensure that patrons are comfortable, stay longer, spend more money, and come back again. There are tons of options when it comes to the look and functionality of a patio covering. They can add a certain level of sophistication to a space and make guests feel relaxed and less exposed to the elements. 


Canopies can be used to cover a small patio, deck, breezeway, or walkway. Canopies can be flexible in their uses by adding shade curtains on one or several sides to keep guests cool and out of the sun. It can also add a layer of privacy and protection from wind or rain. 


An outdoor shading solution that is multi-purpose for businesses are outdoor awnings. They offer shade and protection for both the interior and exterior of your business. The summer months can be a busy time for businesses, especially seasonal ones that do most of their business when the weather is warm. Your patrons will greatly appreciate some shade from the sun. 

One of the best benefits of an awning is that it doubles as a vehicle for advertising your business. You can put your logo and/or business name on the outside of your storefront. The awning is likely to get more attention than a flat sign. 

Business That Can Benefit from Outdoor Shading


Offering shelter for restaurant-goers is a must. Without proper outdoor shading, patrons aren’t likely to stay longer than the appetizer if the sun is beating down on them. Outdoor shading at a restaurant also offers shelter from those surprise summer showers that may come and go. The last thing you want to do is have to find space to accommodate your outdoor diners when a sudden rain shower comes through and soaks their plates. 

Outdoor Gyms

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor gyms have gained popularity. They let fitness enthusiasts exercise in the open air, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want some shelter from the sun. Exercising in the sun can cause people to overheat, so having a place for them to step into the shade and cool off is a must. 

Beer Gardens

Who doesn’t love a beer garden in the summertime? These popular spots to stop in for a brew need shelter from the summer sun, too. The more comfortable guests are, the longer they will stay and the more drinks they will order. 

Car Dealerships

Shopping for a car can be a fun adventure for people on the hunt for a new set of wheels. However, it can also be stressful if shoppers are standing out in the hot sun for hours. If they get too uncomfortable, they may decide to leave before making a purchase. Car dealerships with outdoor shading can offer shoppers a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a cold drink while deciding which car they want to drive off the lot. 

Retail Stores

Summertime is a great season for retail stores to draw in customers by setting up small outdoor displays. Clothing stores, in particular, are known for having racks of clothes on sale outside their store to bring in passersby. If your store has proper shading, you will not only get more people to stop, but it will protect your merchandise from becoming faded from the harsh UV rays. 

Outdoor Shading Solutions from Marathon Building Environments

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