When businesses began allowing their employees to work from home during the pandemic, many employers realized that keeping workers in the office daily wasn’t totally necessary. Many people are more productive when they have a balance of working from home and working in the office. Thus, the hybrid office. If you are working on making a more permanent shift to a hybrid office, check out these tips for designing the ideal space. 

Determine How Employees Will Split Office and Home Time

At this point, many people have a better understanding of where they work best. For some, they may prefer to spend more time at the office than at home. For others, it may be the other way around, and just coming into the office for key team meetings may be enough. Depending on the office space you currently have and the make-up of your team, you could create a calendar system that designates which days certain employees will work in the office or at home. 

Create Flexible Workspaces

With fewer people in the office at the same time, you may feel inspired to create an office design that lends itself to more of a co-working space vibe than a stuffy office cubicle vibe. Providing a mixture of unassigned workspaces so that whoever is in the office that day has a functional place to work. Consider having spaces that are more enclosed for solo, focused time as well. Set up large conference room tables so other team members who might still be remotely working that day can join in on team meetings and consider desks that have room for multiple team members to work, which can spark collaboration and bring a sense of community. 

Consider Your Workplace Campus

The workplace is more than just a place to get work done. It is essentially an ecosystem. Don’t forget to consider the areas outside of each individual desk. Is there a comfortable break room? Is there outdoor space for breaks? Is the lobby inviting? Are there other places for employees to work if they need a change of scenery? When people have been used to working from home, they may be craving a relaxing place to take a break or do creative work when they’re in the office.

Don’t Forget Health and Safety

Employers are more aware than ever of the need to keep a workplace clean and sanitary. Find ways to create better airflow, keep congested areas freer, and add touchless features when possible. The furniture you select for your employees should be easy to sanitize and keep clean. Desks and chairs are high touch points, and if they are being shared by more than one employee, they will need to be cleaned between uses. 

Consult With an Interior Designer

The Marathon Building Environments’ Solutioneers hold degrees like interior design and architectural studies, and they’re some of the best in the business. If you’re ready to make the shift to a hybrid office, we can help. There are so many excellent office furniture options to choose from to make the workplace productive, comfortable, and safe. Reach out today or visit the website to learn more or schedule a consultation. 

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