Ergonomic chairs are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, and for good reason. Not only do they provide comfort and support, but they also offer a number of health benefits that can improve productivity and help prevent injury. The ergonomic design of Steelcase Chairs contours to the body, supporting the spine and providing better posture. 

Steelcase Chair Benefits

Reduce Strain and Fatigue

A good quality chair reduces strain on the back and neck, alleviating pain and reducing the risk of injury. It also reduces fatigue, enabling workers to stay in one position for longer periods of time. The adjustable features of ergonomic chairs can also be beneficial. Many chairs offer adjustable armrests and lumbar support, allowing users to customize the chair to their individual needs. 

Get Support

Being able to find the best position that supports their body and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomic Steelcase chairs can also help improve focus and concentration. By keeping the body in a comfortable position, workers are better able to focus on their tasks. This can result in improved productivity and better work quality. Finally, ergonomic chairs can help promote good posture. 

Improve Posture

Good posture not only looks more professional, but also helps reduce the risk of long-term health problems such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Overall, Steelcase chairs offer a number of benefits that can help improve health, comfort, productivity and posture. For these reasons, they are becoming more popular in the workplace and are an excellent investment for any business.

Steelcase Chair Features

Activates Your Body

Many people end up with back or neck pain when sitting in chairs all day for work. When sitting in a chair that isn’t ergonomic, it can encourage slouching and poor posture. If the angle of your hips is incorrect, you can end up with pain and poor circulation. Steelcase chairs are designed to help you maintain proper posture.

Encourages Movement

Sitting in the same position in your chair can also lead to pain. Steelcase chairs are designed to flex when you change your seated posture and they are durable to stand up to leaning side to side in your chair without it bending or becoming less stable over time. 

Comfort Where You Need It

Steelcase chairs have contoured foam with flexible edges to relieve pressure from your sit bones, glutes and thighs. Chairs without adequate padding on the seat can be extremely uncomfortable for the long stretches of time that employees are required to sit at their desk. 

Reinforces Healthy Posture

The backrest of your chair should match the natural curve of your spine, and this is not always the case with office chairs. Steelcase chairs are designed to support the natural contour of your spine and this helps reduce back pain issues. 

Unique Fit

Steelcase chairs have multiple ways to adjust the arms, seat, and back which allows the chair to feel like it was custom-made just for you. 

Parallel Arm Rests

Most chairs have arm rests that are connected to the same parts as your back and seat. When you lean back in these types of chairs, the arm rests also lean backwards which creates an awkward angle for your hands to meet your keyboard. Steelcase arm rests stay parallel to the floor allowing you to lean back freely without straining your hands at your workspace. 

Sit in a Steelcase Chair Today

If you’re ready to make the switch from cheap office chairs to the supportive and stylish Steelcase chairs, contact Marathon Buliding Environments. We are an authorized Steelcase dealer.

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