Creating an office environment that employees want to be in is important for attracting and retaining top talent, as well as improving productivity and overall job satisfaction. Office design goes beyond the aesthetics of your workspace. Modern office design is now also incorporating aspects of your company culture and extends into how you design your office – not just what furniture you purchase. Here are some ways that employers can design an office that employees will love.

Incorporate Natural Light and Greenery

Natural light and plants can help improve mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Consider adding windows, skylights to let in natural light, and incorporate plants and greenery throughout the office to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Offer Comfortable, Ergonomic Furnishings 

Providing comfortable, ergonomic furnishings can help reduce muscle fatigue and keep employees productive. Invest in adjustable desks, comfortable chairs, and other ergonomic equipment to support the health and well-being of your employees.

Add Amenities and Break Areas 

Giving employees a place to relax and recharge can help improve morale and productivity. Consider adding amenities such as a kitchen, lounge area, or outdoor space, and encourage employees to take breaks throughout the day to recharge.

Encourage Collaboration and Teamwork

Providing opportunities for collaboration and teamwork can help improve communication, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Consider designing open office plans, creating break-out rooms, or adding whiteboards and other collaboration tools to encourage teamwork.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is important for employee well-being and retention. Consider offering flexible work hours, the option to work from home, or other policies that support work-life balance.

Foster a Positive Company Culture

A positive company culture can go a long way in making employees feel valued and motivated. Consider hosting team-building events, recognizing employee achievements, and promoting a culture of inclusivity and respect to create a positive working environment.

Encourage Personalization

Encouraging employees to personalize their workstations can help them feel more connected to their work and create a sense of ownership. Consider giving employees the freedom to decorate their desks and make them their own.

Activate Partnerships

Recent studies have shown that millennials are 60% more likely to stay at a job if it provides opportunities for new insights and experiences. Community service events, continuing education, or even bringing in a masseuse or yoga teacher to the workplace are simple ways you can “modernize” your office to better fit today’s cultural expectations of your workforce. 

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Creating an office design that employees want to be in takes time and effort, but it can have a big impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. By incorporating natural light, comfortable furnishings, amenities and break areas, collaboration tools, work-life balance policies, a positive company culture, and personal touches, you can create an office that employees will love to work in. Marathon Building Environments has a variety of products to help make this possible! Contact us today.

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