The modern workforce seeks comfortable, inspiring spaces that create a sense of calm and put people at ease – opening the door for creativity to flourish. To adapt to this shift, forward-thinking companies are increasingly developing offices with a residential sensibility in mind. In this month’s news aggregate, we explore the rise of resimercial design.

The Marathon Touch in Resimercial Design

At Marathon Building Environments, we’ve always believed in the power of spaces that resonate with people. Our journey of nearly three decades has been marked by our commitment to creating versatile, quality office interior solutions. This commitment is deeply rooted in our care for our clients and their unique needs. As the modern workplace evolves, so does our approach to design. The rise of resimercial design is a testament to this evolution.

Why Resimercial Design Matters to Marathon

Our longstanding relationships with some of the top companies and government agencies in mid-Missouri have taught us the importance of adaptability. We’ve seen firsthand the shift in workplace dynamics, with employees seeking spaces that not only serve functional needs but also emotional and psychological ones. Resimercial design, with its blend of residential comfort and commercial functionality, aligns perfectly with our vision.

The modern employee is no longer content with a stark, purely functional workspace. They seek environments that inspire, comfort, and motivate. This is where the resimercial approach shines. By infusing elements of home into the workspace, we’re not just designing offices; we’re crafting experiences.

Marathon’s Unique Approach to Resimercial Design

Our extensive experience in both residential and commercial design positions us uniquely in the resimercial design space. We understand the nuances of both worlds and seamlessly blend them to create spaces that are both productive and comforting.

  1. Client-Centric Design: At Marathon, our designs are always driven by the client. We take the time to understand their vision, their brand, and their culture. This deep understanding allows us to create resimercial spaces that truly resonate with the people who use them.
  2. Versatility: Our vast portfolio, ranging from flooring and window treatments to furniture sales and repair, equips us with the tools and expertise to approach resimercial design holistically. We consider every element, ensuring that each piece contributes to the overall ambiance of comfort and productivity.
  3. Quality: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Whether it’s a small office space or a large commercial building, our attention to detail ensures that every project we undertake meets the highest standards of design and functionality.

The Future of Resimercial Design with Marathon

As the boundaries between work and home continue to blur, especially in the post-pandemic world, the demand for resimercial design is only set to grow. At Marathon, we’re excited about this future. We’re constantly innovating, drawing inspiration from the latest trends, and incorporating them into our designs.

We envision a future where workspaces are not just places to work but sanctuaries of creativity, collaboration, and comfort. With our dedicated team of ‘solutioneers’, we’re poised to lead the charge in this new era of workplace design.

In conclusion, the rise of resimercial design is not just a trend; it’s a reflection of the evolving needs of the modern workforce. And at Marathon Building Environments, we’re committed to meeting these needs, one design at a time.

What is Resmircial Design?

A combination of “residential” and “commercial,” the resimercial approach brings aspects of home into the contemporary workspace. We named resimercial comfort as a key consideration in our roundup of workplace design trends for this year – and so far, the conversation has only gained momentum. With today’s “always on” mentality, creating home-like environments – where we truly enjoy spending time – is one way to accommodate the increased demand placed on employees. Retrofit Magazine echoes this sentiment, noting that the line between commercial and residential interiors is disappearing and that resimercial environments help reduce stress and promote productivity. As the dynamics shift in today’s evolving workforce these often overlooked or rigid spaces are vital in the shift toward workplace settings that enhance wellbeing.

The links below dive deeper into the subject of resimercial and how this “trend” is here to stay.
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