The furniture that is in your office has more of an impact on productivity than you might think. Some people tend to choose office furniture simply based on whether it fits with the rest of the decor, but knowing how office furniture affects productivity might make you think twice. Making an informed decision on what furniture will go in the office could greatly increase employee productivity. 

Focus Requires Comfort

We can all agree that it is hard to focus on work if your back or neck hurts. Ergonomic office furniture is more than just a trend or fancy phrase to convince people to buy a particular chair or desk. Having office furniture that is ergonomically designed can significantly affect the productivity of those who use it. Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce the amount of discomfort experienced by its user. When people feel supported and comfortable throughout the day, the common physical distractions are greatly reduced, allowing more focus on work. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Perhaps the most important ergonomic piece of furniture is the office chair. Having proper lumbar support, seat depth, seat tilt, and armrest adjustments can allow employees to feel like their chair was custom made just for them. Steelcase has high-quality ergonomic office chairs such as the Steelcase Series 1 and Series 2. These models roll performance, style, and comfort into one great chair with features such as the LiveBack™ flexor system, fully adjustable arms, and adjustable lumbar support. 

Ergonomic Office Desks

It is also essential to consider is the desks in your office have an ergonomic design. Having a desk with an adjustable height or a sit-to-stand option can have a huge impact on productivity by reducing discomfort. Some of the main benefits of standing desks, include boosting energy, mood, and output. 

Less Privacy Could Mean More Productivity

While it might seem like a bonus for employees to have private offices where they can close the door to minimize distractions, it may not foster as much productivity as we think. In fact, without a door to close or shade to draw, there is a lower risk that employees will slack off during work hours. The fear of being caught looking at social media or online shopping may keep employees on task. 

Office Cubicles and Workstations

We know classic office cubicles have had a bad reputation for being bland and impersonal workspaces, but the modern office workstation is different. These open-air workspaces give each employee their own personal area to get work done, without closing themselves off from the rest of the team. It encourages appropriate workplace collaboration while the visibility keeps employees from getting sidetracked. 

Organization Is Key

Being unable to find necessary office supplies or a specific document can kill a productive flow. When an employee’s work area is messy and unorganized, it can be distracting to them and others around them. Out of sight, out of mind. A study from 2013 found that a disorganized environment makes people show less persistence on challenging tasks and fail to self-regulate.  

Savvy Storage Solutions

Having shelving, cabinets, or drawers available can help create an environment that is organized and clutter-free. There are so many different ways to organize an office, so think about what works best for the type of work being done. Functionality is crucial when it comes to office storage, so choose pieces that will make work easier. 

Get The Office Furniture You Need

Marathon Building Environments has a wide selection of office furniture that can positively impact productivity in the workplace. Whether you need ergonomic office chairs or desks, workstations, storage solutions, or more, Marathon has new and pre-owned options to fit your budget and style. Our Solutioneers understand how office furniture affects productivity and can help you choose the right pieces for your office. Reach out today or visit the website to learn more.