Carpeting increases the value and aesthetics of any commercial space. Carpet is regarded as the preferred flooring in reception areas, corridors, offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms. It improves the appearance and feel of professional buildings and contributes to their culture. In this article, learn why modern carpeting is worth the investment. By selecting the appropriate patterns, designs, and appearances, you may create the ideal flooring for the workplace.  To learn even more about how to upgrade your office space, Marathon BE offers interior design planning services!

Types Of Carpet Installation

Commercial carpeting is available in various types and patterns to complement your commercial area and your specific demands. Three types of carpet can be installed in commercial spaces:

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet is commonly referred to as wall-to-wall carpeting, is the most classic and well-known kind of carpeting used in commercial settings. This is a method of installing commercial carpet in a continuous pattern throughout the floor plan.

Modular Carpet

Modular carpet is also referred to as carpet tiles. Modular carpet is resilient, simple to install, and inexpensive to repair, making it an excellent choice for commercial settings. Carpet tiles are small, controllable pieces of carpet that are laid smoothly next to one another to provide a smooth carpet surface.

Area Rugs

Although not as prevalent in commercial settings, they are popular in specific industry categories such as premium health care and hospitality. Commercial area rugs are often utilized as focal points and design elements inside a commercial environment rather than flooring. On the other hand, commercial area rugs may significantly enhance the environment and design of an office and should be considered.

Advantages Of Modern Commercial Carpeting

Office Aesthetic

The carpet increases the look of the area and contributes to its charm. When a client arrives, the reception area is the first thing they will notice is the office’s design, look, and professionalism. The aesthetic of your workplace has a significant impact on how your customer makes a purchasing choice. Modern Commercial Carpet comes in a wide variety of patterns, designs, and colors. Creating a professional image is one of the most significant reasons why you should invest in modern carpet.


Regular carpet cleaning may assist in extending the life of your carpet. Apart from the fact that carpet is less expensive than other forms of flooring when purchased from reliable stores, upkeep is also less expensive. As a result, you must employ a professional to clean your carpet, as they will have the most specialized and up-to-date gear. With carpet flooring, you can vacuum every day to ensure that the dirt is minimized, and you may seek the assistance of skilled carpet cleaning specialists.

Noise Reducing

An additional benefit and why modern carpeting is worth the investment is that the carpet absorbs sound. Numerous businesses genuinely operate in an open office setting, with multiple workers engaging and communicating with one another. Frequent movement of individuals inside the workplace and phones ringing here and there will undoubtedly increase the noise level, limiting the efficiency of your staff and creating a barrier to what is intended to be simple and effective communication.

Promoting Healthy Environments

It is critical to recognize that carpet flooring is the most efficient air filter in your commercial office space. Therefore, you and your staff must understand the health advantages of maintaining clean carpet flooring. Carpet collects debris, particularly air pollutants. Additionally, carpet floors gather dust, pollutants, and allergens, trapping them within its threads. Regular carpet cleaning not only prevents stains and spots but also ensures that the air in your workplace is cleaner, resulting in much healthier and more productive staff.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Carpet

All carpets eventually reach the end of their useful life. It will ultimately need to be replaced.

The typical life expectancy of a commercial carpet is seven years.

With proper upkeep, most carpets should last around ten years, possibly a bit longer which is a big reason why modern carpeting is worth the investment. However, if you’ve kept your carpet for a longer time, its days may be limited.

Visible Traffic Patterns

Many of these patterns are seen around doors and exits and along pathways to restrooms, break rooms, etc.

Color Fading

Color fading occurs most often with blue-toned carpets. If the color has faded, it may be time to replace it.


While carpet stains may generally be cleaned, they eventually become an eyesore. This occurs if there are recurring stains in the carpet over several years. This is a concern with lighter carpets rather than darker carpets.


While most people do not consider mold until it becomes evident, mold spores float like pollen. When these spores enter, they might take up residence in your carpet. This may also be common around doorways where outside elements such as rain and snow commonly saturate the carpeting. If you have a mold allergy, the buildup of mold in your old carpet might make you ill.


An older carpet may trap allergens and intensify a person’s allergy symptoms. While regular vacuuming helps keep these pollutants to a minimum, older carpets are sure to have allergens from since they were installed.

Modern Commercial Carpet At Marathon Building Environments

An outdated commercial carpet might cast a negative light on your company or make it seem out of date. Investing in a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing carpet that complements your office area is a worthwhile investment. Marathon Building Environments has carpet brands you can rely on to cover your floor with high-quality, modern commercial-grade carpet that will last!
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