Now that many of us experienced what it was like to work from the comfort of home, being back in the office has employees longing for more comfort while in the office. What can you do to make your employees feel more at home? There are many different office furniture options that combine comfort and functionality while keeping your employees productive. 

Ergonomics Are Key

We understand that you don’t want your employees so comfortable at the office that they lose their sense of productivity and professionalism, but an employee who is uncomfortable isn’t likely to be productive either. Focusing on providing office furniture that is ergonomic will keep employees both happy and healthy. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

An ergonomic chair is the first piece you want when planning to purchase new office furniture. One of the best ergonomic chairs on the market are from Steelcase. They are highly adjustable to create what feels like a custom fit regardless of how tall or short the user is. Steelcase chairs have three ways to adjust, including the seat, arms, and back to get the perfect posture. The chair backs are designed to mimic the natural curvature of the spine thanks to the Air LiveBack® technology and offer adjustable lumbar support that is often missing from other office chairs. Many models also have the option to add a headrest for the optimal support and productivity. Some of the top Steelcase ergonomic chairs include:

Let Employees Add a Personal Touch

Giving your employees the opportunity to add a bit of themselves into their workstation can help them feel at home. Having a workstation where they can hang up a few family photos or a place for a small plant can bring just enough of home into work that they feel less longing for the work-from-home days. 

Modern Workstations

Workstations, still known by some as cubicles, are making a comeback from their reputation as a drab way to separate employees. In fact, there are plenty of advantages to using workstations. In a world where the potential for needing some physical barriers between employees is still present, workstation are an excellent choice for office furniture that makes employees feel both comfortable and safe. Modern workstations can eliminate distractions, add a layer of privacy, and increase productivity while also giving employees the opportunity to make the space their own. 

Creative Collaborative Spaces

One of the benefits of in-office working versus working from home is the collaboration that can happen organically in person. But are your collaborative spaces uninspiring? A gray room with a long conference table and uncomfortable chairs may not be the most ideal place to spark new ideas. The office furniture you choose for a team space can have homey vibes with a workflow focus. Take cues from home on this one and consider soft cushions, some live plants, and soft window treatments. The Steelcase Summer 2022 Hybrid Neighborhood settings are sure to give you plenty of ideas for putting together a collaborative workspace.

Comfortable Break Rooms

A break room can (and should) consist of more than just a microwave for heating up your lunch. Giving employees a comfortable place to take a lunch break will surely help them feel more at home. Having plenty of comfortable places to sit will give employees a chance to relax, recharge, and feel ready to tackle the rest of the work day. Here are a few pieces that would work well in a break room:

Consult with Marathon Building Environments Today

We understand that there is a fine line between creating a comfortable work environment and creating too much comfort that your employees stop being productive. If you want help finding the balance when choosing new office furniture, consult with one of our Solutioneers today. Marathon Building Environments has both new and pre-owned office furniture available that can make your employees feel more at home.

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