When investing in office furniture – whether for your home office or company office – it is crucial to make sure you get equipment that will help you work better and not hinder your performance. In most people’s eyes, a chair is a chair. When sitting in that chair for 8 hours a day however, it becomes more crucial to your performance and your health to have a quality piece of furniture. The same can be said for desks and other office equipment too. We often get questions about Steelcase furniture and here are some of the common questions we get as well as why Steelcase is one of our favorite furniture brands to work with. 

Should I Buy an Expensive Office Chair?

The most noticeable difference between Steelcase’s lineup and chairs you may find on Amazon or at an office supply store is the price – but we can assure you that there are reasons for that. A high-quality office chair will have a higher price tag. Steelcase has consistently received highly regarded reviews across their entire lineup of chairs and they are not only a fan favorite but also a favorite choice for ergonomics experts around the US. The NY Times has rated the Steelcase Gesture chair as one of the best office chairs available in 2021 and 2022. The Steelcase Leap model has also received rave reviews online. 

Benefits of Steelcase Furniture

American Made Furniture

Another reason we love Steelcase is they are headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and this is where they manufacture all of their equipment. The higher price is partially due to employing workers in the United States to build and design their chairs instead of cutting costs and sending manufacturing overseas. They have been a furniture company since 1912. As Steelcase has expanded globally, they have also built out operations in Europe, the Middle East, and India to serve their European and Asian markets. Still, the US market is primarily served by their Grand Rapids based production facility. This allows us to place faster orders from Columbia, MO and serve our customers quickly when in need of additional furniture. 

Top Notch Furniture Design

In 2018 Steelcase announced an ongoing partnership with West Elm, one of the leading modern design companies for retail office furniture. This has lead to many award-winning chairs and other office equipment due to the look, feel, durability, and design of their furniture. Steelcase and West Elm have consistently invested in ergonomics research in order to continue innovation in office furniture. Many other companies have followed in their footsteps, attempting to design similar chairs at lower prices. From our experience, other chairs do not compare in terms of ergonomic support and reducing the negative effects that come with working at a desk all day long. 

A big part of their design also includes a wide array of options that you get to choose from as a consumer. Steelcase offers a wider variety of cloth types and color options than most other chair manufacturers. If sleek modern design is a primary goal for your office, Steelcase is often going to be the best option. You don’t want your office chairs to stand out like a sore thumb when the rest of your interior design provides a fabulous and productive work environment. 

Office Chairs That Last

Over the 25+ years we have been in business, we have sold thousands of Steelcase chairs to 100s of different clients. One of the reasons we often point customers in the direction of Steelcase is that very few of these customers have ever had any complaints or issues with their chairs. More often than not, instead of replacing a chair people choose to repair it. Steelcase offers reupholstery and the body of the chairs themselves are some of the sturdiest available. 

Experience The Benefits of Steelcase Furniture For Yourself

All of the above reasons are why we trust Steelcase furniture as one of our most recommended brands to our valued customers. Marathon Building Environments is a preferred Steelcase vendor serving the Missouri market. Contact us for any and all of your Steelcase furniture needs!

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