People are increasingly working from home in greater numbers than ever before. However, even if you’re going to be remote for a short time, investing in a nice office chair is definitely worth the money. But, how much should a good office chair cost? We examined what makes an office chair excellent, as well as the advantages of spending your hard-earned money on a high-quality chair.

Risks Of Purchasing A Cheap Office Chair

While it may be tempting to purchase the first reasonably priced, decent-looking office chair you come across, this is not the best course of action. If you spend more than an hour each day in your chair, there are many compelling reasons to spend extra money.

Why is that? Cheap chairs are never a good investment, and they are seldom ergonomic or comfy and are often blamed for neck and back discomfort and other health problems. These problems may make it difficult to continue sitting and doing your work daily and may even result in injuries and surgery (and sky-high medical bills). While you might move to a standing desk, upgrading your chair is likely all you need. After all, they are built with comfort and support in mind.

Inexpensive chairs are more prone to deteriorate and break over time due to their use of low-quality materials.

Additionally, inexpensive chairs usually come with limited or non-existent warranties, which means that if your chair breaks down, there may be little you can do except replace it. This may cause you to purchase a new chair every year or two (if not more often). Over five or ten years, you may wind up spending more for a handful of low-cost office chairs than you would for a single high-quality chair. 

The answer is to invest a bit extra money upfront in a well-made ergonomic chair to prevent these problems. We suggest seeing your office chair as a worthwhile investment, similar to a mattress or automobile since you use it every day. Choose one that has all of the features you want and a good warranty.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Good Office Chair


When asking yourself how much should a good office chair cost, you may easily find reasonable options for around $100. Similarly, you may spend a thousand or two on a luxury chair. There is undoubtedly a chair to fit any budget, but bear in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to office chairs. We discovered that the sweet spot is low as $400 and less than $1000 and that within that range are many chairs that are well-made, comfy, come with good warranties, and provide some great customizing possibilities.

Chairs priced below that range are unlikely to have many (or any) of those qualities. Alternatively, chairs priced over that range are likely overkill for the typical user, emphasizing style and name rather than function. Additionally, you can often find high-end office chairs secondhand. If you’re comfortable with used chairs, this is an excellent option to acquire a name-brand chair without blowing your budget.


The top office chairs come with a comprehensive guarantee. While some choices provide restricted lifetime warranties, the majority offer at least five or twelve years, which is the absolute minimum you should strive for. Warranties vary by maker and country, so check the small print carefully before making a purchase. A good chair should always have at least a 10-year warranty. Don’t forget to ask if the labor is also included.



Ultimately, your office chair should be comfy and adequately support your body, particularly if you spend hours in it each day. A good office chair will allow you to modify several aspects to guarantee an ergonomic experience. This usually includes height adjustment, seat forward or backward movement, lumbar support, and seat tilt control.

While inexpensive chairs may have basic lumbar support and height adjustment, it combines these features that define an ergonomic chair. And, of course, they’re very necessary if your budget permits.

Recommendations For Ergonomic Office Chairs

Steelcase Series 2 Office Chairs

Steelcase Series 2 is renowned for its responsiveness and personalized fit. The Air LiveBack® technology has a two-dimensional geometric design, and it aligns your head, neck, spine, and shoulders. Extra tension may be adjusted while reclining, and the backstop can be adjusted to limit or lock a position. The armrests join at the base, keeping your arms parallel to the work surface when typing. Thanks to the weight-activated tilt mechanism, you may recline without leaving your optimal zone for viewing and working.

Steelcase Leap Office Chairs

The Steelcase Leap has LiveBack® back support that is excellent at supporting your spine as it changes shape to support that natural curvature of your spine. It also has the option to adjust the height of the lumbar support to get a custom-fitted feel and help reduce back pain. The ergonomics of the seat include an adjustable, 3-sided seat edge with high-density foam plus air-infused pockets for a seat the feels pressure-free. You can also adjust the arms of the chair in 4 different ways to keep arms parallel to the work surface. 

Steelcase Gesture Office Chairs

The Steelcase Gesture Office Chair is the most flexible of our list of ergonomic office chairs. With 360-degree arms, you can adjust the chair’s height, breadth, pivot, and depth to suit your needs. This allows you to sit sideways in the chair.

The 3D LiveBack® adjusts to your spine as you move. The chair’s back tension, core equalization, lumbar height, and adjustable backstop may also be adjusted. Colors and fabrics are available in four frame colors, and you may also select between three chair heights: normal, low, and high.

HumanScale Freedom Office Chairs

The Freedom task chair is intended to blend into any setting, and it offers convenience, elegance, and ease of use. The Freedom task chair, developed by Niels Diffrient, uses physics and the sitter’s body weight to provide instant, customized support. This perfect balance allows the user to move freely while being fully supported.

Purchase Office Chairs At Marathon Building Environments

Now that you know how much a good office chair should cost, it’s important to consider your body type and personal preferences. The greatest ergonomic office chair for one individual may not be the best ergonomic office chair for another. This is because these individuals’ heights vary significantly, affecting their lumbar support, posture, and even whether or not their feet are level on the floor.a

For different spinal forms, Marathon Building Environments provides adjustable ergonomic seats. Hundreds of fabric combinations and permutations are possible. We offer desk chairs for people of all sizes as well as office chairs for any business setting. Are you interested in learning more about our office seating options? Visit our website!