Interior design is an essential element of any commercial space as it sets the tone and influences the brand’s perception. However, many people make mistakes while designing their commercial spaces, leading to a potential negative impact on their customers or staff. These are the most common commercial interior design mistakes people tend to make and how to avoid them.

Ignoring the Importance of Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of commercial interior design as it can affect the mood and productivity of employees, customers, and clients. Many people overlook the importance of lighting and end up with poor lighting design. To avoid this mistake, you can use a combination of natural and artificial lighting sources, add task lighting to specific work areas, and incorporate dimmer switches to control the intensity of light as required. Having a lot of options can help keep good lighting as the sun shifts throughout the day. 

Inconsistent Design Elements

Using inconsistent design elements can create confusion among employees and customers, making it difficult to create a cohesive brand identity. This mistake often happens when too many people work on different parts of the project or when the design plan is not clear to all involved. To avoid this mistake, you can create a design style guide, use consistent color schemes, and stick to one design theme throughout the space. Working with professionals can help ensure mistakes aren’t overlooked.

Poor Space Planning

A poor space plan can result in inefficient use of space and hinder the productivity of employees. For example, cramped seating arrangements or lack of storage space can make employees feel uncomfortable or interrupt the workflow. Creating a detailed floor plan, understanding the traffic flow, and incorporating the right furniture and equipment will help ensure the space is used in the best way possible.

Using Poor-Quality Materials

Using low-quality materials may save money initially, but it can be expensive in the long run as it requires frequent repairs and replacements. For example, using low-quality carpets can lead to fraying and stains or cheap furniture may wear down quickly and employees may complain about the comfort of them. Instead, invest in high-quality materials and ensure regular maintenance to increase the longevity of the interior design.

Neglecting Brand Identity

Neglecting brand identity can result in a mismatch between the design and the brand message, leading to a feeling of disconnect for customers. For example, using bright and bold colors for a conservative brand may not align with the impression customers get from your other brand materials or website. Incorporating brand colors, logos, and typography in the interior design and using them consistently throughout the space can help with brand recognition and even make people feel like the company is more cohesive.  

Overcrowding the Space

Overcrowding the space can create a cluttered and stressful feeling environment for customers and employees. Placing too many furniture pieces in a small room can make it difficult to move around and will create a cramped feeling. Instead, you can focus on the essential furniture pieces, create clear pathways, and leave enough space for people to move around freely and comfortably.

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