Even after the quarantine phase of the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed for people to return to their offices, many have chosen to continue working from home. Small business owners or entrepreneurs who can work remotely may be feeling like it is safer to continue working from home and have become accustomed to doing so. Plus, now that they have spent money to furnish their home office setup, they might as well keep using it! So as a business owner, you might be wondering, “is home office furniture tax deductible?”

Who Can Deduct Furniture On Taxes?

While it might feel exciting to think you can deduct home office furniture expenses on your taxes, you may or may not be able to. In past years, if you were an employee working for another company and worked from home, you could deduct some home office expenses on your taxes. However, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act states that from tax years 2018 to 2025, you are unable to deduct home office expenses if you are an employee (meaning you work for someone else). This was an unfortunate change that happened ahead of the 2020 pandemic that forced millions of people to work from home. The good news is, the rules did not change for self-employed workers or independent contractors. Even as a gig worker, if you are self-employed, you can continue to deduct qualified expenses, including home office furniture.

Home Office Furniture Items

There is a variety of furniture needs you might have when it comes to outfitting a home office. Things such as:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Computers
  • Coffee Table
  • Decorations
  • Printers
  • Phones

There are certain rules when it comes to deducting office furniture from your taxes at the end of the year. The IRS requires that your home office be the principal place of your business and sees regular and exclusive use. That means you must use a portion of your home exclusively for conducting business. If you conduct some business outside of your home, but the majority of business takes place inside your home, you may qualify for a home office deduction. 

Home Office Furniture to Improve Your Workspace 

Whether or not you can deduct your office furniture from your taxes, that doesn’t mean you should have to work from home in less than ideal conditions. You should have a chair that is ergonomically designed for proper posture. With many of us spending less time being active, it is essential to use good posture while sitting. If you feel like you are sitting too much, consider using a standing desk. There are many health benefits linked to standing desks, such as lowering blood sugar levels, decreasing weight gain, and boosting productivity. If you are an employee working from home, discuss your home office furniture with your employer if it is not working for you. As a self-employed person, don’t be afraid to upgrade your office furniture to maximize your comfort and productivity!

Purchase Home Office Furniture

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