The year 2020 changed the way all of us work. With those changes also came updates in office design trends. See what the year 2021 has in store for office design including cubicle workstations, techy office furniture, hybrid workspaces, and more.

Flexible Workspaces

Flexible workstations are not an office design idea that is totally new to 2021, but it has definitely gained much more relevance since the uncertainty of 2020. One of the best ways a business can prepare for uncertainty is to create flexible workspaces with cubicle workstations! Cubicle workstations are an excellent option because they are moveable, allow for privacy or collaboration, and give each employee their own personal workspace where they can be very productive. In the past, the cubicle workstation has had a bad reputation for being bland and isolating, but the contemporary designs and high functionality of modern cubicle workstations have really made a difference.

Focus on Human Wellbeing

Another office design trend for 2021 is turning the focus on the well-being of employees. Much of this began out of necessity with the COVID-19 pandemic creating a need for health and safety protocols, but it got a lot of employers thinking about what is truly best for employees all of the time. Taking the physical and mental health of employees into account flows over into office designs as well. Needing to create social distancing within the workplace, managing office flow, installing handwashing stations, adding shields, and more has many workplaces changing their ways and has led to the use of more ergonomic desks and chairs, allowing more breaks, and many other wellness-focused office trends.

Integrating More Technology

Offices are getting smarter every year. Smart workspaces are an office design trend in 2021 that is here to stay. Things that allow people to touch fewer objects are always a plus, so motorized blinds and shades are becoming more and more popular to help control light in the room and allow for privacy. Desks with build-in outlets, charging ports, and more are also becoming sought after by employers to help keep office spaces neat and tidy, which also makes them easier to clean.

Mobility Within the Office

Giving employees the option to sit or stand when working at their desk is a big office design trend for 2021. We now know and understand the benefits of standing desks, and it is worth the investment. Sitting can negatively affect your health, and some claims have been made that “sitting is the new smoking.” Standing up while working has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, especially after lunchtime. Standing while working can also decrease the risk of obesity, weight gain, and heart disease while boosting productivity, energy, and mood.

Hybrid Working/Living Spaces

2020 brought on a new era of how we worked when so many people were forced to work from home. Even now that we are well into 2021, there are still many people who have a hybrid working/living space. People have become incredibly creative in designing a work from home environment that is functional, productive, and not intrusive into their living spaces.

Get The Furniture You Need For Your Office in 2021

Marathon Building Environments has a wide selection of products to get your office looking and functioning exactly the way you want in 2021. All of these office design trends are ones that will help your office maintain a COVID-19 friendly environment. From window treatments and desks to cubicle workstations and storage options, we have everything you need. And if you need help designing your office, one of our Solutioneers can help! Contact us today or visit the website to browse our product selection.

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