As the world slowly begins to return to some sense of normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are thinking about when they will have workers return to the office, if they haven’t already. With the COVID-19 vaccine readily available to everyone in the country, the thought of having employees in the workplace is feeling less and less risky with the proper precautions. For employers, this means preparing the office to be a safe environment that further lowers the risk of any illness spreading. So, how can business owners prepare for employees to go back to work after COVID-19?

Establish The New Rules

The way things were at your office before will likely look very different now. Depending on your state, county, or city, there may be different rules in place regarding the precautions businesses still must take. As some places are loosening restrictions while others aren’t, it’s important that everyone in the office is aware of the rules to be followed, such as when and where masks must be worn, whether temperatures will be taken daily, and where new workstations may be set up to account for social distancing. Consider sending out a company-wide email, having a virtual meeting with all employees before people begin returning to the office, and then posting notices and reminders in high-visible areas. 

Set Up Sanitizing Stations

Having places for people to sanitize their hands throughout the office can help decrease the spread of germs and remind people that it is still important to keep their hands clean. Decide where you will create sanitizer stations and inform everyone where they will be and encourage them to be used often. If the office has walk-in visitors, be sure to place one at the reception desk with a sign to encourage people to use it.

Alter Workstations 

Changing the office layout and design may be one of the most essential needs when going back to work after COVID-19. We learned that social distancing is helpful in stopping the spread of the virus, so keeping employees spread out could help prevent an outbreak and make people feel more comfortable returning to work. Cubicle workstations have made a big resurgence as they are an affordable and effective way to give each employee their own private workspace and help them feel protected without spending a fortune on an office remodel. Even years from now, the benefits of investing in cubicle workstations will remain. It is also worth considering upgrading some of the office furniture to items that are easy to clean and promote overall health, such as ergonomic office chairs and height-adjustable desks

Hybrid Work Arrangements

It may be challenging to have everyone going back to work after COVID-19 all at the same time. It will likely take you time to prepare the space, and some people may not feel comfortable quite yet. Having hybrid work arrangements is an excellent alternative that allows some people to continue working from home, some people to return to the office, and some to go half-and-half. With tons of collaboration technology available, it is absolutely possible to maintain a hybrid work arrangement for as long as necessary. 

Make Your Workplace COVID-Friendly

Creating a COVID-friendly workplace is critical when everyone begins returning to the office. If you’re ready to make the transition to covid-friendly office furniture, take a look at the selection of products Marathon Building Environments has to offer. In addition, the staff of Solutioneers are ready to assist you in redesigning your office and deciding what you need to create a safe and productive work environment

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