The next school year is just around the corner, and for many school administrators, it’s time to start thinking about ways to help students and teachers have a productive school year. One of those ways is with classroom furniture. There are various options available that can help both students and teachers stay productive and organized throughout the day. Students need desks that are functional as well as comfortable, so they can focus on learning rather than being distracted by discomfort or lack of space on their desk to complete assignments. Teachers also benefit from having an organized environment where they know where everything belongs at all times. Keep reading to get different classroom furniture ideas to give students and teachers the best experience possible while preparing them for a successful and productive new school year.

Classroom Furniture Ideas for Students

The classroom is a place where students spend most of their time. Having comfortable and functional classroom furniture will help them be more productive and attentive in class, which is important for student success! Students need desks that are the right size for them – too big or too small can make it difficult to do school work. Some school administrators may also take the potential need for social distancing into consideration when brainstorming classroom furniture ideas. Having flexible classroom furniture that can be arranged in a variety of ways may be helpful if the need arises.

Classroom Tables

Consider a classroom table that is both versatile and high-tech! Tables that are height adjustable will ensure a comfortable fit depending on the chair height and can even turn into standing desks for students. Standing desks have many benefits! Having a part of class designated for students to stand can help them focus and keep them from feeling too sleepy after lunchtime. If your students primarily use laptops or iPads during the school day, having classroom tables with built in outlets for charging can help lessen interruptions if batteries are low. Choosing collaborative desk designs can also allow flexibility in whether you want students working in a group or individually.

Classroom Desks and Chairs

Having the ability to arrange and rearrange desks on a whim can help teachers and students alike. Desks with wheels mean students have the freedom to shift their position slightly to better focus on the teacher, whiteboard, or they can quickly move into various groups during breakout sessions. Desks with storage underneath the chair can keep the floor clear from backpacks and books close at hand. There are also chairs for less “traditional” classrooms that allow students to sit low to the ground, which could be just what they need to feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Classroom Furniture Ideas for Teachers

A classroom with wood and metal desks and chairs

Teachers can stay more organized with desks that have drawers, places to store papers, and larger classroom furniture pieces such as cabinets for books and other classroom supplies. There are many different options available for classroom furniture to suit specific needs.

Classroom Storage and Organization

Having cabinets in the classroom is an excellent way to keep all classroom materials and supplies neatly organized. Having clearly defined places for all items to go will help create a calmer learning environment. Having these pieces of classroom furniture also helps define the space and set boundaries. If the classroom space is lacking square footage, a mobile storage cabinet could help the area be utilized in a variety of ways with ease.

Desks for Teachers

For teachers that often do lecturing, having a desk that has a built-in tower is an excellent way to get a 2-for-1 function. Or for teachers that like to have flexibility when it comes to classroom layout, a desk with wheels that is easy to move might be an excellent option. Whatever desk is best suited, pairing it with a chair that offers support and is adjustable is a must.

Find Classroom Furniture Ideas at Marathon Building Environments

When it comes to our future, we want to make sure we provide our children and teachers with the best resources available to them. Whether your school serves Higher Ed or Kindergarten, Marathon Building Environments can help fit your classroom environment with desks, chairs, storage, and tables to promote a focused and functional learning environment. We don’t stop with classrooms! We can also help fit libraries with our various options! To learn more, contact us today!

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