Office furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and at various price points. With the rise of DIYers, many offices have resorted to installing and setting up their offices on their own. The truth is that bringing in a professional for furniture installation services will likely be the best way to optimize your office efficiency and have fewer days of work interruptions.

Better Delivery Schedules

When ordering furniture online, it can often be hit or miss when it will be delivered. Popular items may be backordered, or items may even be delivered outside of office hours to be left outside unattended. Opting for furniture installation services means you will be able to schedule the delivery on a day and time that works for you, so you don’t have to worry about receiving a large shipment or figuring out how to carry it through the door and into your office.  

Frustration-Free Assembly

Most people have either heard awful stories or have first-hand experience attempting to assemble furniture. Maybe it was in your college days for your dorm, or maybe it was recently for your child’s bedroom – either way – we have all been there. Sitting on the floor surrounded by an array of pieces and struggling to understand or follow the instructions. 

Needing to take time out of your busy work day or even taking your staff’s time to assemble furniture could often cost more than furniture installation services. There is always a chance something could break or be assembled incorrectly only to create larger problems later on. Returning furniture that was purchased online could potentially lead to high shipping charges or even no refunds or returns, depending on the fine print. 

No Time Loss or Efficiency Reduction

The biggest issue with installing office furniture yourself is the amount of time it can take and how disruptive it can be for your office environment. What many companies overlook is that saving a few hundred dollars by ordering online or self-installation is often outweighed by the cost of your team not making progress on projects or servicing clients while your office is in disarray. When your sales reps are suddenly attempting to assemble a complex office chair or put together a cabinet it can really slow things down.  

No Worries About Furniture Damage and Repairs

One major issue we see happen with companies that choose to install furniture themselves is damaging the furniture during the installation without the means to make repairs or get customer assistance from the provider or furniture dealer. 

Having the help of an expert team that is well-versed in moving heavy furniture is key. Furniture may be awkward to handle and tough to get through your entrances and require someone experienced in moving furniture. Most people don’t think about the potential of employee injuries, damaging your office or your new furniture. Moving heavy items when your staff is typically sitting at a desk creates exposure to worker’s compensation claims and is a risk in many different ways. 

Get Furniture Installation Services from Marathon Building Environments

Opting for furniture installation services when you order from Marathon means that if there are any issues with furniture that we deliver or install, our team is responsible for making it right and will make sure you and your team are well taken care of. We provide options that would allow our team to break down and remove existing office furniture if needed while installing and setting up all of your new furniture at a time that is most convenient for your business and less likely to disrupt your team’s workflow. Contact us today to discuss what furniture will fit best in your office, and leave the installation to our experts.

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