Creating a modern office has become a key factor for businesses looking to develop an engaging and productive environment for their employees. From employee morale to productivity, a modern workplace can make a huge difference in the overall performance of a business. It is important for businesses to focus on the design and layout of their workspace, as well as the technology and amenities available. Here are 10 things to incorporate into your modern office design. 

1. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture 

Ergonomic furniture is essential for creating a healthy and productive workspace. Investing in chairs, desks, and other furniture that are adjustable and supportive can help reduce physical stress and fatigue. Steelcase has many award-winning ergonomic chairs and other office equipment that are ideal for the modern office. 

2. Utilize Natural Light 

Natural light has been shown to have a positive effect on employee morale, productivity, and overall health. Utilizing natural light wherever possible can help create a more pleasant environment. If adding windows or skylights is not an option or out of the budget, you may be able to help accentuate the existing light to make it brighter. 

3. Incorporate Green Spaces 

Green spaces that are full of plants and trees, can help make the office space more inviting and reduce stress. There are plenty of plants that are perfect for a modern office environment like succulents, spider plants, ferns, and palms. Plants that help purify the air are great too since they can help keep the air feeling fresh. 

4. Provide Comfortable Seating Areas 

It is important to provide comfortable seating areas for employees to relax and take a break. Incorporating couches, bean bags, and other comfortable seating can help create a more homey atmosphere. There are a number of work pods, work stations, and lounge furniture options to add secondary workspace to your layout for when team members need to get away from their desk to be more productive. 

5. Embrace Technology

Technology is a must in the modern workplace. Investing in the latest technology can help make employees more productive and efficient. There are a lot of cool features being added to furniture such as lighting, wireless phone chargers, power systems, and more. Consider bringing in desks, conference tables, or chairs that offer built in outlets for charging laptops and phones that won’t limit where employees can get work done. 

6. Utilize Color 

Color can be used to create a more visually appealing workspace. Incorporating aesthetically pleasing color schemes can help create a more inviting and inspiring environment. If you’re not an expert in color, an interior designer can help you choose the right color combination to inspire creativity and productivity. 

7. Incorporate Sound 

Sound, or a lack of sound, can also be used to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Installing soundproofing materials can help reduce noise levels, while adding private areas to take phone calls or video meetings can limit interruptions for others. You can also incorporate music meant for productivity into the office to keep employees on track. 

8. Utilize Open Space 

Utilizing open space can help make the office feel more spacious. Removing unnecessary clutter and opting for lighter, minimalist-style furniture can help create a more modern office feel. 

9. Incorporate Art 

Art can be used to create a more stimulating and creative workspace. Incorporating artwork, photographs, and other visual elements can help make the office more visually appealing.

10. Create Collaboration Zones 

Creating collaboration zones, such as conference rooms and breakout areas, can help foster collaboration and creativity. There are a number of new innovative workstations and pod systems that can provide a separate work space that may spark creativity for your team members. 

Create a Modern Office Space with Marathon Building Environments

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