Note: Quotations and insights are sourced from BTODtv’s video review.

When it comes to ergonomic office chairs, few have garnered as much attention and praise as the Leap by Steelcase. BTODtv, a YouTube channel dedicated to office furniture reviews, took a deep dive into the Leap chair’s features and benefits in their video “Aeron vs. Leap: My Opinion 3 Years Later”. Drawing from their insights, let’s explore why the Leap chair stands out in the crowded market of ergonomic chairs.

Price Point and Value

The Leap chair, as highlighted by BTODtv, comes with a price tag of approximately $1150. However, the value it offers in terms of longevity, warranty, and ergonomic benefits is unparalleled. And for those considering a purchase through Marathon Building Environments, we offer a 10% discount on Steelcase orders.

Seat Comfort and Adjustability

One of the standout features of the Leap, as emphasized by BTODtv, is its seat. The presenter mentions, “The Leap features a thin padded seat that flexes and moves with the user… this adaptability is particularly evident when leaning back, offering a dynamic sitting experience.” This flexibility ensures users enjoy extended periods of comfort.

Moreover, the Leap’s seat depth adjustment is a game-changer. As BTODtv points out, this feature ensures that users can achieve optimal ergonomic positioning, enhancing overall comfort.


BTODtv heaps praise on the Leap’s armrests, describing them as among the best they’ve tested. The armrests are four-way adjustable, offering height, depth, width adjustments, and an extra articulating motion. This range ensures users can find their perfect arm position, reducing potential strain.

Backrest and Lumbar Support

The Leap’s backrest flexibility is another highlight. BTODtv’s presenter notes, “The Leap’s backrest is highly flexible, adapting to the user’s movements… ensuring that the back is always supported, regardless of the sitting position.” Additionally, the Leap’s lumbar support, with both height and depth adjustments, ensures the lower back receives adequate support, a feature the presenter found beneficial.

Recline Mechanism

Discussing the Leap’s recline mechanism, BTODtv mentions its design is user-centric. The presenter states, “The Leap’s recline is more static, designed to hold its position… suitable for tasking, allowing users to change their position and continue working without any hindrance.” This feature sets the Leap apart from many other chairs in its category.

Get the Steelcase Leap through Marathon

The Steelcase Leap chair, as reviewed and praised by BTODtv, is a standout in the world of ergonomic chairs. Its features, from the flexible seat to the dynamic backrest, make it a top choice for many. If you’re considering an investment in your comfort, the Leap is a worthy contender. For potential buyers, don’t forget that Marathon Building Environments offers a special 10% discount on Steelcase orders. And for a more in-depth look at the Leap chair, be sure to check out BTODtv’s comprehensive review.

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